Plan Your End of Year Corporate Gifts with this Easy Guide.

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Corporate gifting is an essential component of a winning marketing strategy. There are so many benefits to giving your clients, suppliers and staff a useful gift at the end of the year. Not only does it create goodwill, it also helps you to place your brand strategically in places where people will see it regularly and remember your company. A good diary or planner that has your logo and contact details can give you advertising mileage for an entire year. Something that mainstream advertising can rarely deliver. Of course, it is important to gift thoughtfully, sending your clients corporate gifts that are useless or superfluous can end up working against your brand. Here is a handy guide to some of the best corporate gifting options for small businesses that are both popular and practical.



As the foodie revolution has progressed, gourmet gifting has become a popular year-end gifting option for small businesses. People love food and it is an attractive option. Quite often small business owners with a few clients choose to make their own gourmet gifts to add a personal touch. Others choose to order from artisanal gourmet food suppliers. Despite the popularity of food gifting I prefer to avoid it. The downside of a foodie gift is time sensitivity and effort. If you are making homemade cookies or fudge to send out it will need to be delivered within a specific time-frame. It can also be time consuming to make and package. All of this can add to your year-end stress as a business manager. In addition to this costing on gourmet food parcels (homemade or purchased) are often much higher than stationary or other corporate gifting options and it doesn’t have the staying power of a branded item. While a trendy choice, it won’t help your brand long term.



This is a unique concept that is emerging from the move towards greener office spaces. A pretty little indoor pot plant for your client’s desk with your branding can make the ideal gift. It has great brand association possibilities because it is soothing and eco-friendly.



A t-shirt, cap or jacket with your brand is also a popular choice for corporate gifts. Even if they simply use a super comfy t-shirt to sleep or gym, you know your brand is going to be seen consistently for many years (because everyone knows that your sleeping/gym shirt just gets more comfortable with time right?)



This is of course one of the most popular and cost effective choices in a corporate environment. You can never have too many pens. A beautiful pen packaged in a special case with your logo is sure to find a special place on most desks. Other options are branded files, stationary holders or the classic diary, notebook or day planner. A diary is one of the most cost effective options because you can place your logo on the cover. You can also use a few of the pages in the middle for strategic product placement and take the opportunity to promote your brand further. This means that every time your client flips through their diary, your logo and brand will be seen.

Finding the right supplier for your year-end gifts can be daunting. There are so many options out there. Do research once you’ve narrowed down your choices and make sure you order early as most manufacturers close orders a few months before year-end.

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