Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much…

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Following up on President Ramaphosa’s speech, this beautiful quote by Helen Keller sums it up beautifully. Let us all stand together in this fight to save our world from the impact of this disease. Every individual matters. If each one of us makes the choice to self-isolate and take responsibility for ourselves we are already half-way there. Remember, the smallest act multiplied by billions can change the world. This virus has changed the world, it is up to us to help our world heal and to make this a change for better!

Let us be be a positive part of something bigger. We are living through an important part of history and it truly is a game changer. More than a billion people are on lockdown currently and every single one of us have a choice to make in the same circumstance. We can adopt a positive attitude and this time will become a blessing or we can focus on the difficulty of this time and not gain much. The choice is yours. 

‘The world is on a time-out and it sucks’ vs ‘Enjoy the time out’.

Our world became so full noise on every level that it became hard to hear our own thoughts. Take this time-out to look beyond Netflix, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Whatsapp. Reconnect with yourself, your goals and your focus in life. 

‘I don’t want to run out of recourses’ vs ‘all for one and one for all’.

We can dig our head into the sand and forget that there are others out there who are in desperate need of help and resources or we can practice some armchair charity. People and communities are rallying together to give back from their own homes and social media is flooded with opportunities to give back. If there is nothing you can do right now make a few commitments to give back when this is all over, you’re doing your bit for humanity. There is no better time than now to practice ‘being the change you want to see in the world (Ghandi)’. 

‘Stuck at home’ vs ‘quality time with your family’.

We spend so much time rushing around and socializing that a lockdown can be a blessing for children and spouses longing for attention. This time can save marriages and the well-being of children worldwide. Use it wisely. 

‘Missed productivity’ vs ‘extra time to improve your game’.

Everyone’s talking about the negative impact this lockdown is going to have on the world economy. Maybe. Could be. We won’t know until we live it. What we do know is that this time is a gift to everyone and what we do with this gift is ours. We can use it to strategize, learn new skills and be creative. We can think of new ways to improve our work and productivity or we can drown out the world and watch netflix all day. Just know that you can have a positive impact on this world post lockdown just by trying. Or you can claim that you caught up on your netflix queue and every instagram post on your feed. The choice is yours. Multiply a positive choice to use this time wisely by a million individuals and the negative impact on our world economy and society can be significantly reduced. 

Your choices matter! Did you know Isaac Newton lived through the Plague while he was a university student. He did his best work during social distancing and this time is actually referred to as the ‘year of wonders’ by historians. He worked on math problems he started at Cambridge and this became early calculus. Imagine a world without calculus? He did optical experiments with a few prisms in his bedroom and his theory of optics was derived. Imagine a world without this essential theory? Optical science, optometry and pretty much most modern screen technologies are built on his theories. Finally, let us not forget the famous Apple tree he stared at from his window for hours a day. This is when he came up with the theory of gravity. A world without the theory of gravity? The world has lost so many valuable lives. Let us honor them and their families by choosing good in the face of loss and fear.