Kick Start Your Business with the Right Logo Design!

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With the right corporate logo design, you can kick start your business marketing as it is the holy grail of a good marketing campaign is to achieve brand recognition and brand loyalty. This cannot be achieved without a few essentials. A good logo is your starting point, think of your logo as your front door. Your logo is the first thing that customers notice and needs to be imprinted on all company documentation and marketing material. This is why it is so important to invest a little more of your resources and time to ensure that your logo is on point. Here are a few handy tips for designing a good corporate logo that inspires consumer trust.

Brand perception starts here

A corporate logo can be used to tell people what you sell or what type of company you are. It is a visual representation of your brand. For example, are you a serious entity like Nedbank (with a sombre green logo that echoes stability) or a quirky restaurant like Nandos (with a funky logo that says you’re in for good food and good times). Your logo begins the process of brand perception and you need to determine how you want your customers to see you. This is essential if you want to get it right.

Your logo should make you look like you mean business

Ever heard the saying ‘fake it till you make it’? It actually works, perception is everything. People are drawn to professionalism in business and take you more seriously when you have good branding. Take for example local start up Maverick and Jane Gourmet Popcorn. They have a cute little logo with glasses and a catchphrase ‘choose adventure’. Customers are paying anything from R20 to R80 for stylish yellow cones filled with delicious popcorn – and they keep coming back for more. This brand is interesting because they began with their concept and logo completely on point. The result of this is a perception that they are an established international brand that came into South Africa. This obviously added to the hype and success of the brand. The reality is very different, they are actually a small start up that opened a kiosk at the Zone in Rosebank, Johannesburg and became an instahit. This is the marketing goal that start ups should be aiming for, a logo that inspires trust and a brand story that sells.

Use simple colours and easy to read fonts

The most recognized brands in the world understand the importance of following this guideline. Your logo should be easy to recognize if someone is driving past it at a reasonable speed. If you look at the logos of powerful brands a pattern emerges. These vastly different logos have two things in common, a simple palette (2-3 solid colours, no gradients) and they use text that is easy to read. The Maverick and Jane logo design uses a simple font and just two solid colours, black and yellow – this is a good way to set your brand up for success.

Include an image that tells us who you are

While keeping it simple is important, try and also differentiate your logo by adding in something memorable. For example, the Maverick and Jane glasses strategically placed above the text, illustrates the company ethos, ‘choose adventure’ in an appropriate way.

Be consistent

Finalize your logo design and your colours and use it consistently on all marketing material. Changing things around can lead to the perception that you are a disorganized organisation and therefore not the best option to do business with.

Get professional help

Professional marketers and designers understand the nuances and intricacies of brand perception and it is important to consult with a designer before deciding on an appropriate logo for your product. While established brands usually go to big name ad agencies and design houses, most start ups have found success with small design houses. They are far more affordable and often break ground creatively when not restricted by corporate red tape.

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